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Why is Gearbox Software taking so long to develop Borderlands 3

Why the Wait for Borderlands 3 Has Been So Long - IGN Unfiltered

IGN interviewed Gearbox President Randy Pitchford in IGN Unfiltered and various topics pass the revue. One of those topics is why there is such a long wait for the next Borderlands game.

Randy mentions that Borderlands is very important to them, however, if they were doing Borderlands 3 they want it to be a big step up. While Randy does like Borderlands the Pre-sequel he knows that the next game has to step up its game. The team is figuring out how they can do that and then make a proper announcement and set expectations.

The full interview with Randy Pitchford on IGN Unfiltered

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  1. I guess that means an ABSOLUTE “no” on a release compatible on X-box 360 or a way to play it with a shift code or something .

  2. I thought we knew this already? That means November if I was a bettin’man! I hope the P.C. version has some Deluxe content!

  3. Good things come to those who wait….patiently!:)

  4. Is Borderlands 3 gonna be on Xbox 360?

  5. Will probably pre-order it when they announce BL3 is being made. Borderlands is my absolute favourite series.

    • Yeah,I wonder if they will do a collectors edition.

  6. i’d rather they take their time and make it the best it can be

    • Yeah while the Pre-Sequel was fun, it was more of the same. Borderlands 2.5 , like Randy mentioned people want a good Borderlands 3


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