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Wilhelm in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

wilhelm the enforcer
wilhelm the enforcer

The Story

wilhelm the enforcer

wilhelm the enforcer

Wilhelm the Enforcer is the first playable character in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, now he is a vault hunter but in Borderlands 2 he was the first boss you encountered in that video game. In Borderlands 2 Wilhelm was a cyborg powered by hyperion tech. In Borderlands the Pre-Sequel wilhelm is still a human, but during the game as you level up you get the choice to pick certain skills that will cyberly enhance wilhelm and turn him more into the cyborg we know from Borderlands 2.

Wilhelm’s Actionskill

Wilhelm’s action skill is the ability to call in 2 hyperion surveyor drones, one offensive drone called Wolf and one defensive drone called Saint. The will aid wilhelm in his fight for 35 seconds what is a very long time but once there gone the recharge is 42 seconds, so use them wisefully. The three skill trees that Wilhelm has are ‘Hunter-Killer’ , ‘Cyber Commando’ & ‘Dreadnought’.

Wilhelm’s offensive skill tree where Wolf get’s a lot of buffs, airstrike ability & venom bolts. With the game changer you can take control of Wolf and pinpoint enemies.

Cyber Commando
This is the skilltree where you can turn Wilhelm into a cyborg by giving him robotic legs so you can run & gun or give him a cybernetic arm that packs more punch. The final tier skill is a shoulder mounted cannon that will assist you when your shield go’s down.

Wilhelm’s defensive skill tree where he can really tank up. Shield buffs and action skill cooldown. The capstone is a buff that activates once you use your actionskill granting you enhanced movement speed, reload speed, fire rate & ammo regeneration.

Are you excited to play as the Enforcer, try out Wilhelm’s skilltree calculator.

Gearbox Software’s marketing  department is on a roll, this week we get a lot of coverage about Wilhelm. In the videos below dive deep into Wilhelm’s various skill trees, and see a new legendary in action. Commentary is always fun with Gearbox’s Anthony Burch, along side of him is Steve Mander-Jones from 2K Australia and you can notice Gearbox’s own Product Manager Chris Faylor’s great Borderlands skills.

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