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Will Borderlands 3 have a Third Season Pass?

Borderlands 3 Season Pass 3
Borderlands 3 Season Pass 3

Borderlands 3: Season Pass 3

Borderlands 3 has received a bunch of content packed into 2 season passes, multiple free takedowns, and seasonal events. With the DLC6, the Director’s Cut, on the horizon we come to an end for Season Pass 2. This leaves one wondering what’s next on the Borderlands 3 Roadmap.  Will Gearbox Software and 2K Games release more content for Borderlands 3 or dare I say a 3rd Season Pass?

If we look at previous Borderlands titles, Gearbox Software has always delivered 1 season pass. However, with the success of Borderlands 2, they did release additional DLCs beyond the season pass.  Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, mentioned back in the days that they didn’t know how many headhunter packs they would make for Borderlands 2. But if you combined them all they could definitely make up a second-season pass.

A trend that has been going on in the video game industry for a while is multiple season passes. There are games that got released years ago and they still receive new content. Of course, I would like to see new content for Borderlands 3 but how realistic is a third season pass? The Designer’s Cut and the Director’s Cut do contain things that didn’t make it into the main game at launch. I don’t wanna say Gearbox is scraping the barrel here as these cut ideas have been reworked and brought to the next level. Something they wouldn’t have been able to pull off during the initial development cycle.

Additional Content

What would I like to see come to Borderlands 3 and is realistic? I know a lot of fans have stated that they would like to see an additional playable Vault Hunter. However, Gearbox Software already stated that they didn’t want to pursue that course with Borderlands 3. So I think we can scrape that off the list just like another additional skill tree.

More Vault Cards

With the Director’s cut, we will be getting 3 Vault Cards that let us do challenges and unlock loot. I think that if GBX is doing another season pass they will include new Vault Cards. It’s a nice way to keep you engaged and work towards something.

New Loot

Duh, of course there has to be more loot for us to collect. It’s the name of the game, so to speak. Hopefully, they can add some legendaries for factions that are under represented because Atlas doesn’t have a lot of legendaries.

Raid Boss

Oke, fans have been screaming from the top of their lungs to get a raid boss in Borderlands 3. With Hemivorous the Invincible we are finally getting one. Lets continue that path and add some more. I know there are new players picking up this game on a daily basis but GBX also has to nurture the hardcore community. So more raid bosses.

Big Story DLC

We got challenges and loot down but what I also really like is a story. Give me an enjoyable experience that takes me on this weird journey. I always loved Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep as it turned the Borderlands 2 toybox and turned it upside down. It played into your expectations and took a different turn. Breaking the 4th wall. All clever and fun stuff.

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic FusterCluck heavily played into different emotions but presented itself in unexpected ways which made for an enjoyable experience.This DLC had some of the craziest things although the overall length of this story campaign add-on was a bit short.

While the main story and DLC4 hint at a 7th Siren and this can play a huge role going forward. There isn’t really a big teaser for the next installment in the Borderlands franchise. A future DLC could hint at what’s to come even if it’s cryptic like the Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs in Battleborn. But we all want to know what the War is the Watcher warned us about at the end of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.

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