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Will Borderlands 3 Have New Characters?

Gearbox Software currently doesn't have any plans of adding new playable characters to Borderlands 3. They rather expand on the current Vault Hunters.
Borderlands 3 Playable Characters
Borderlands 3 Playable Characters

Will there be more Playable Characters in Borderlands 3?

One of the big questions for Borderlands 3 is; will Gearbox Software add more characters to the game? Currently, they don’t have any plans of adding DLC characters to Borderlands 3. However, they haven’t completely ruled it out. During interviews, they always mentioned their finding from previous Gearbox Games. Data shows that the majority of the players stick with their 1st character and don’t switch. They might try another Vault Hunter for a little while but then go back to their main character as most of the investment is made there.

Besides mentioning that Gearbox doesn’t have any plans to add more playable characters to the game, they follow up by saying that they want to expand the ways you can play the current 4 Vault Hunters. While the Gearbox representatives don’t go into detail on what their plans are regarding that subject it does make sense and there are a lot of ways they can add to the characters.

New DLC Characters For Borderlands 3

The hardcode Borderlands fanbase has been very vocal about wanting more playable characters. But as Gearbox Software mentioned it is only the hardcore fanbase that jumps into this content as the mainstream sticks to their character. That said, we did get a lot of great playable characters with previous Borderlands titles. However, these Vault Hunters only had 1 action skill and the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters have 3 action skills. This gives you more variety and mileage out of a single character. This would also mean that Gearbox would need to invest a lot more effort into creating a new playable character. But Gaige, Krieg, Jack, and Aurelia became fan favorites and even made their return as NPCs in Borderlands 3.

Expanding the Borderlands 3 Characters

Way back on May 4th, 2019, Randy Pitchford already mentioned the idea of expanding the Vault Hunters rather than adding new characters to Borderlands 3. It would be cool if there was a Vault Hunter Upgrade that added a whole new skill tree to each character. By adding a new action skill and a skill tree around that new ability, Gearbox could make the current Vault Hunters feel fresh again. While this would be my dream addon, we have seen new class mods that have changed meta for some Vault Hunters. A popular one is the Seein’ Dead class mod for Zane.

During The Borderlands Show, the notion of expanding on the current Vault Hunters was addressed once more. Paul Sage, the Creative Director mentioned near the end of episode 1 the data.

You might see people play five levels [with a DLC character] and then back to their main. – Creative Director: Paul Sage


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