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Will Borderlands 4 Be Revealed at Summer Games Fest 2024?

Rhys from Borderlands franchise shows a holographic logo of the Summer Games Fest event with his high-tech mechanical arm.

Geoff Keighley announced the first round of partners that will be present at Summer Games Fest 2024. The name on the infographic is 2K Games and soon after this announcement, the official Summer Games Fest account posted another update stating that 2K Games will reveal the next iteration in one of their biggest and most beloved franchises. Fans have been speculating about what this big reveal could be. Will 2K Games reveal Borderlands 4 at the Summer Games Fest this year?

While the community would love to see a new Borderlands game, other names are being thrown out there. Because there are other big franchises that 2K has been working on for years. Two of those are Bioshock 4 and Mafia 4 but Civilization VII has also been development for some time now.

Gearbox Software has always had a good relationship with PAX and, therefore, often showed off their newest content during their events. I could argue that the whole ordeal with Embracer wanting to sell off Gearbox Software has mudded the marketing timeline and now that the Take Two acquisition has gone through they can finally proceed with the release of Borderlands 4.

Personally, I could say that February would be a nice time frame to release Borderlands 4 because you have your 6 months of marketing. You have been to Summer Gamefest, Gamescom, PAX, and can even throw in your own PR events. You are riding alongside the marketing of the Borderlands Movie, all the major games have been released in Q4, and you are there when people get their first paycheck in 2025.

However, we haven’t seen any increased activity in the Borderlands social media channels. Those other games are also good candidates for a new release. So I would temper my expectations for now. But do let me know what you think, will we see the next Borderlands game at the Summer Games Fest?

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