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Will Borderworlds be the name of the next Borderlands ?

Borderlands 3 is called Borderworlds
Borderlands 3 is called Borderworlds

Recently there has been some speculation going on about the name of the next Borderlands game. During an inside Gearbox PAX Panel we learned that Gearbox Software is working on the next Borderlands. However Randy Pitchford (President of Gearbox Software) stated that they are not sure if it would be called Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 4 the search for 3 – Mikey Nuemann

It’s been known for a while that Gearbox owns the trademark for “BorderWorlds”. Back in 2007 when they registered that trademark there was already speculation that the next installment in the franchise would be called Borderworlds instead of Borderlands. With that speculation people also assumed that we would leave Pandora and visit new planets.

Flash forward to  today and we have the Borderlands 3 Easter eggs in Battleborn telling us to go to Promethea. Add a lot of Hype , E3 speculation , and a release window that’s around the corner to that. Well then you get a lot of people dissecting every tweet by Randy Pitchford. In one of them he mentioned that “Borderlands 3” won’t be at E3. But because Randy is using the quotation marks people interpret this as that the game has a different name.

Hyder Hype found out that the Borderworld trademark has recently been updated. Although his video is speculative I have seen considerable number of people believing it will be called Borderworlds. As far as I can see , Gearbox only updated the trademark in order to keep it because that is something you have to do every 10 years.

On the other side you can find this app in the Google play store by Gearbox Software called Borderworlds, it’s an old collaborative fanfict app. Some people are speculating that it’s new and a place holder app in order to keep the trademark. However   Psychichazard remembers using it a few years ago and you can see it even has a review going back to August 13, 2011. But around the same time that Gearbox renewed the Borderworlds trademark it also updated the app. I also never heard about the old app and I can see why it didn’t get a lot of traction. Gearbox has been testing companion apps in the past with the “loot the world” app that generated in-game loot by scanning barcodes of random products.

Let me know what you think of this theory about Borderlands 3 being called Borderworlds ?

Personally I don’t think it’s a smart move changing the name of your franchise. Because you spend so much time building up the name and reputation of the franchise to throw it out the door ? Of course not, you want to keep building upon that. A while back Activision did a survey for the next Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They wanted to see if they could strip off the Call of Duty brand and continue the series under the name Modern Warfare. Yes we gamers knew what’s going on, but the mass audience thought it was a new game they never heard of. Therefore Activision kept the game under the Call of Duty brand. You also see that spinn-offs under perform compared to a next chapter in the series. We know this with Borderlands the Pre-Sequel performing less than Borderlands 2. But there are a lot more games like a Gear of War Judgement for example that performed less than a next installment in the franchise. Therefore it’s better to add a number to your game than adding a subtitle.

Also if you are calling your game Borderworlds you also want that domain name and the social media accounts. Borderworlds (1996) and BorderworldsTheGame (2014) are both taken for a long while by other corporations.

If you have any other specific questions then check out the Borderlands 3 FAQ for a quick overview on the most frequent asked Borderlands 3 questions.

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  1. Well whatever they call it…….not real sure if I am even any longer interested. I am a solo player and I am just totally frustrated with BL2.

    I am level 72 with four characters……Gaige, Maya(my favorite) Axton and Salvador. When I do farm a boss the loot drops are always, always, level 68 to 71……always below my level.

    I have the last two weeks famed the Handsome Sorcerer 20 runs a day…….well over 200 runs and have not seen a Conference Call……..I have a sackful of Flakkers……..and Impalers and X2 magic missiles and various grenade mods…….You cannot sell me on just RNG……no this is deliberate. I farmed the Warrior with these four characters……I have no idea how many times but maxed out all ammo, backpack and bank slots farming the warrior for all four characters in three modes each……and have never seen a conference call.

    Oh I do have a couple……..found one in a chest………and a loot midget dropped another one……..but both are level for TVHM……in UVHM it seems loot midgets drop only relics…..other than the ones at WEP will drop the wonderful Storm sniper…..such a grand weapon that is…………..and that is a joke son!!

    And what is this B.S. about only being able to farm Pyro Pete once a day?? Or Hyperius……which brilliant designer at Gearbox came up with that B.S.??

    Oh well once again we must devise ways to cheat…….just move the date on the console…..and the stingy drop rates means you have to kill Pete 17 times to gain adequate crystals to buy such as an Antagonist Shield. So once again we are encouraged to cheat and just duplicate things………buy one and make more for other characters.

    Yea…….due to the wonderful decisions by Gearbox……BL2 is now a game of Gibbed weapons and Cheats……..and if you are playing solo…….they really hammer you.

    Great game…….but just about at the point of total frustration…..so when the new game does arrive….if it ever does……I will be very wary…….and just sit and watch for awhile as I really do not wish more of the same.

    Want a fire and corrosive Sandhawk?? Impossible if you play fair……even if you reset and make two runs…….what will you get?? Certainly not what you want……so once again we must use exploits and cheat……..Gearbox forces players to do so………..actually they should just put all variants of a weapon up so the player can simply make a choice……rather than spend hours running an exploit.

    So we will sit and watch………and if it is more of the same……it can stay in the store.


  2. Hey,man, looks like Borderworlds happened around 2011… and is still happening. ?

  3. I am of the opinion that we need to wait for OFFICIAL sources, not leaks or speculation.

    in the meanti… https://t.co/3afmrMy4xY


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