New Voice Actor for Claptrap in Borderlands 3

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Will Claptrap be getting a new voice actor ?

New Voice Actor for Claptrap in Borderlands 3

Since the original Borderlands our “favorite” robot, claptrap, has been voiced by David Eddings. However David is no longer working at Gearbox Software and is instead now  Head of Game Publishing Rooster Teeth here he will supporting indie developers getting their game into the market. Now its possible David could still be doing the voice of claptrap as a freelance voice actor, however some other hints leave me to suspect that might not be the case. If we check out Randy Pitchford’s twitter account again we see him make several tweets mentioning that David didn’t leave Gearbox but that he got fired.

Randy Pitchford - Claptrap has a voice

Randy Pitchford – Claptrap has a voice

I don’t know the reasons behind this but concluding from this Gearbox didn’t want to work with David anymore. Bringing him back  seems unlikely because of a suddenly “bad” reputation. However Randy does mention Claptrap does have a voice, but these words are open to interpretation.  Previously i thought there was not a lot of story here and this was a gossip story. However when i recently checked out David’s twitter profile i noticed a small change in his bio description, Original Voice Actor of Claptrap. The addition of “Original” leaves me to conclude that there will be a new one. I checked with the wayback time machine to verify if i wasn’t mistaking about the small addition, but that confirmed the old text. So will someone be doing a similar voice or will claptrap suffer some reprogramming and get a new voice and attitude? What do you guys think of this development, let me know in the comments.

David Eddings Voice of Claptrap

David Eddings Voice of Claptrap

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