Will Gearbox make a Battleborn Animated Series?

Battleborn Saturday Morning Cartoon
Could Battleborn work as a Saturday morning cartoon?

Could it be that Gearbox Software will produce a Battleborn animated series? Recently I reached out to Randy Pitchford about the future of the franchise, however, back then he had nothing to announce. Today he tweets out an idea for the Battleborn franchise. Because earlier this week, Netflix announced that they will make an animated series based on the Magic:  the Gathering franchise. Randy reacts to this that they are working on something like that for the Duke Nukem franchise but it’s still early days. He also mentions that he is thinking of an animated series for Battleborn.

Randy Pitchford tweets about Battleborn animated series


My thoughts on a possible Battleborn animated series? Those would be yes, hell yes, and boy howdy when can we start recording? Jim Foronda – Battleborn Voice Actor

if there’s something deserving and/or fitting for an animation/comic/movie, it’s BATTLEBORN. it’s the perfect format, full of delicious lore and intriguing characters, and countless stories ready for telling. but at the end of the day, I’d be happy with more Battleborn!! Beya

I loved the animated segments for Battleborn. I would dig watching a whole series like that, or if there was a budget for it, 3d animated shorts like what Overwatch got, particularly the announcement short. Then it could tie into phase 3, where we get a new game and a movie! Lowlines

New look

Battleborn was designed like your Saturday morning cartoon but what would a Battleborn animated series really look like? The first answer would probably be just like the anime intro of the game itself. However, that cinematic took a long time to produce. It took Secret Sauce about 6 to 7 months to create it. I think they want to speed up the process if you want to make a series. Therefore I think they will go for an less fluid design and then these design by Mindy Lee come to mind.

Battleborn concept art by Mindy Lee for 6pt

Battleborn concept art by Mindy Lee for 6pt

Battleborn has such rich lore. There are a lot of stories they can tell. With the big tease at the end of Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar people are “dying” to get answers. I know that Battleborn’s Creative Director, Randy Varnell, would love to work on some more Battleborn. He is currently Managing Producer of Narrative, so everything that has to do with storytelling would have to pass by him.

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  1. T 🎮🏆🚀

    would be perfect on Netflix

  2. Lazarus

    That would be amazing, the animation and style in Battleborn was fantastic. In fact the game overall i… https://t.co/EIrYpwjTG6

  3. AsakoShura

    At the very least, a pitch pilot couldn’t hurt to test the waters if they focus in on a couple p… https://t.co/983etBgWkT

  4. 🏳️‍🌈🌌Space Vixen

    GOD I hope so

  5. Tony to Drown

    If that happens, I’ll be the happiest man in the world!! 🤩 https://t.co/JDu9TsSiF3

  6. Sjayz

    That’s would be awesome! Bb characters are so unique – perfect for a animated series

  7. Frank Martinez


  8. TheOnlyTachyon🚀E3

    Dear god I hope so.

    I’ll even be in it. No charge.

  9. Patrick Quinn

    Seems a little unlikely, but also something that could be really neat..

  10. Vaguetuba4

    after hearing this, i immediately started writing a script for fun. i mean it involves new villain and… https://t.co/vySzbCG65S

  11. Tasha Renee

    I’d really love to see Battleborn animated. Though chances are people won’t even give it a second look because they think it’s going to be awful because they didn’t like the Battleborn game. Battleborn was such a work of love too. I really wanted to see it thrive.

  12. Hussein Alywahby

    I hope so!!

  13. Canemi Canetis

    I would watch the hell out of it!! It’s such a great story with so many amazing characters, it so so so deserves a life after the game!

    • Claus Bleijerveld

      Canemi Canetis it deserves a version 2 game after the cartoon grows the popularity…

  14. Joxeo


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