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Will Godfall have DLC or Microtransaction ?

Godfall DLC
Godfall DLC

Godfall DLC

There isn’t any Downloadable Content (DLC) announced for Godfall. During an interview with the game’s Creative Director, he mentioned that the studio is focussed on the main game. This is, of course, the correct thing to say this far out of the game’s release. Consumers don’t want developers to cut content from the main game but on the other side, they want to know that more of this thing they are hyped about is on the horizon. Therefore, it’s commonly that DLC is announced a few weeks before the game’s launch. The game has reached its “GOLD” status and most of the pre-orders are in the bucket. So this is a great opportunity for a developer to shift resources to what’s to come.

Godfall Microtransactions

Godfall won’t have any Microtransactions. This was stated by Counterplay Games Developer, Richard Heyne, in his interview with Arekkz when they revealed Hinterclaw. I followed up with Gearbox Publishing what their actually definition of “Microtransaction” is. Since you can consider that all additional content is basically a ‘Microtransaction’. However, Gearbox Publishing makes a distinction between ‘Microtransactions’ and DLC. Microtransactions are the scammy, predatorial tactics to extort cash from consumers. You might know them as lootboxes, where you pay a small fee for a random chance on a variety of items. You won’t see any of these things in Godfall.

Additional Content

With no Microtransactions in the game and no DLC announced, it still wouldn’t surprise me if Godfall receives additional content post-launch. While Gearbox Software isn’t the developer of Godfall they do have a good track record with delivering downloadable content. Since their publishing department is handling the project they have the knowledge to assist with DLC. Gearbox has helped Compulsion Games with ‘We Happy Few’ for example. Personally, I don’t mind paying a few bucks for DLC but I expect to get quality content that adds to my experience. New skins, tattoos, or spraypaint icons don’t provide added value for me.

I expect more End Game content like; Raids that let me earn new loot. Godfall has ‘Hunt’ Missions, these let you fight against tough bosses. But I don’t want just another boss and be done. It would be great if Counterplay Games added side stories that expand the Godfall universe. While they may not continue the main story, that’s probably better suited for a “Godfall 2”. It would be nice to explore its universe and unlock a few new skills.

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