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Will Immortals of Aveum get a sequel?

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Immortals of Aveum 2

Immortals of Aveum didn’t have the most successful launch and therefore Ascendant Studios has been going through some rough times as they have been polishing up the game and implementing new cutting-edge tech. Sadly due to the lack of success, the studio had to let some of its developers go, however, more players have been able to experience the game since it became available on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass. Now that more people have enjoyed the game, they are curious if Immortals of Aveum will get a sequel.

Immortals of Aveum 2

The developers at Ascendant Studios and studio head Bret Robbins have expressed their love and desire to create Immortals of Aveum 2 or DLC for the original game, however, that isn’t in the cards anno 2024. If you unlocked the secret ending in Immortals of Aveum, you discovered that there are still unsolved mysteries in the world of Aveum. So while they aren’t working on a direct sequel, the studio is working on a game that takes place in the same universe.

What’s Next for Ascendant Studios

Immortals was chapter one for Ascendant. And we’ll keep having more chapters.

Bret Robbins – CEO Ascendant Studios

Ascendant Studios has announced it is working on an Immortals of Aveum spin-off game. This project will be running on Unreal Engine 5.3 but beyond that there are no further confirmed details.

The Community Manager has expressed that the studio can really use your word-of-mouth as recommending the game to your friends helps them achieve the goal of telling more stories in the world of Aveum.

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