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Will Immortals of Aveum have DLC?

Will Immortals of Aveum Receive More DLC
Will Immortals of Aveum Receive More DLC

You completed and enjoyed Immortals of Aveum and now you are wondering what’s next. There are some things you can do after the main story campaign but maybe you already have seen the secret ending and want something fresh. You are probably wondering if Ascendant Studios will be making any downloadable content (DLC) for Immortals of Aveum.

Immortals of Aveum did receive one free content update called; The Echocollector. This free DLC added 4 Shatterfanes to the game but that might not be the content you are looking for.

Ascendant Studios would love to make DLC for Immortals of Aveum, however, there needs to be a financial benefit for them in order to do that. While more players are currently discovering the game, the studio cannot invest resources into the development of DLC just yet. Recommending Immortals of Aveum to your friends could help make that happen.

DLC Possibilities

The studio leads expressed their desire to expand the world of Aveum during a Developer Livestream. Bret Robbins said he would love to do a Kenzie DLC because she is an amazing character and there is a lot to discover about her and Ormen.

An internal pitch at Ascendant Studios that was going around instead of the Echocollector update was a series of strike missions with Hauser.

Another question that fans have is; “Can we talk to Kirkan after beating Sandrakk”. There is definitely an interesting conversation waiting there. I can understand the studio wants to hold on to that and its repercussions for the next game. Just like the teasers we find in the secret ending.

Future of Immortals of Aveum

Currently, Ascendant Studios is working on an Immortals of Aveum spin-off game. This project will be running on Unreal Engine 5.3 but beyond that there are no further confirmed details.

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