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WonderCast #1 Debut Episode with Moxsy & Ashley Lyons

This is the first episode of the WonderCast. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has also crossed the revue during several episodes of the BorderCast but now this game finally has its own show. Mitsu & Tess have invited Moxsy to discuss the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Hands-on experience with him. Later on, Gearbox VFX-Lead, Ashley Lyons, joins the show and passionately shares his insights on the world of Visual Effects.


Show Notes:

My Reactions:

  • Looks like the BorderCast/WonderCast got some UPGRAAAAAAADES!!!
  • Fun to hear that Moxsy’ name actually originated back when he was 13. The name MentalMars & my logo are also things that I came up with when I was 16 or so.
  • The TTWL Demo played great, I needed to discover what types of guns I like in this game. The Spell are my favorite thing, I’ll definitly be playing the Spellshot class.
  • Ash is great, I know him from the Battleborn days. I was fortunate to do an interview with him for Borderlands 3.
  • Loved seeing Ash talking passionatly about his job.
  • Interesting to hear that they dial down VFX, from a “11 to a 9”, to prevent “visual vomit” as the term goes. VFX stack and if they are to long on screen they can polude your field of view. Yes, all the shinies of a magic spell are cool but if you are also hit by Cryo damage and your screen freezes things can become too much. So it’s good to hear they are keeping that in mind.
  • Yeah, Greg is coming back. I don’t think we will have a ‘Ask the Psycho’ section.
  • I was already enjoying the show but having Ash say hi to me definily made my day!
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