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WonderCast #7 with Developer Chat!

In episode 7 of the WonderCast, Mitsu & Tess are back and they are joined by Lazy Data and Nemesis to talk about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.


Show Notes:

Developer Chat:

  • GBX is looking into (dedicated) Loot drops and testing some things out but they are not sure how that will pan out.
  • Morgan hints at content that will drop alongside the Blightcaller that will keep you coming back week after week as it evolves. The wording that’s being used is very broad. It could simply refer to DLC4 but since that is no secret, I think Morgan could have just said so. Therefore, you could imply that there is something else coming as he references Nemesis’ base game playthroughs. The twist Morgan speaks of could be the new character voice that drops with the Blightcaller+DLC4 package.
  • Mario explains what the thought process was behind the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands DLCs. To paraphrase; “More frequent content that also invites new players to end game activities.”
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a new franchise for Gearbox Software and they are experimenting with new ways to entertain the world. They try out new things and evolve them as feedback comes in. You can actually see that with the structural change in DLC3. They probably couldn’t adjust DLC2 because of the faster content cadence as they were probably into certification for DLC2 when DLC1 dropped.
  • Gearbox wants to experiment more with Chaos Chambers and push it to its limits and find new ways to entertain with different types of Chaos Chamber Runs.
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