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Wonderlands Redux Gameplay Reveal

Wonderlands Redux: Gameplay Reveal

Wonderlands Redux is a community Mod for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This project has been in the works for 12 months and is about to change the way you play the game. EpicNNG showcases some of the biggest enhancements in this gameplay reveal presentation but also shares their thoughts and vision regarding their implementations. Really cool!

Key Features

  • Adjusting movement and adding Dash and Double Jump capabilities.
  • Unique Items now explain what they do and how to obtain them on the item card.
  • Legacy Hunts add powerful new enemies to the game that need to be summoned by sacrificing souls at their altar. Souls can be obtained in DLC Mirrors or Chaos LVL 5+.
  • Respawnable Enemies need to be summoned by paying 7500 gold at their totem. They can be summoned up to 5 times.
  • The Unique Pink Rarity Tier highlights mission rewards. Unique Blue or Purple items therefore no longer get lost in the common loot pool.
  • Obsidian Chests are hidden throughout the Wonderlands, with 1 in (almost) each map. They provide Moon Orbs and Unique Pink items.
  • Skills in the Skill Tree are now color-coordinated per tier for accessibility.
  • Skill Trees have additional skills that augment your Action Skill.
  • Pearlescent items are added and have a unique always-on weapon trait. Pearlescent items will drop on Chaos 8+
  • More mobs will spawn in Chaos Chamber
  • Only 10 Chaos Levels.
  • The new Raid Boss Rush Run in the Chaos Chamber lets you activate the Raid Bosses without going through a whole featured run.

Redux Details

Wonderlands Redux launches exclusively on PC on April 15h, 2023, and will receive more post-launch content.

Loot Luck is gone. Classic “Borderlands” farming RETURNS! For more info, you can also check out my interview with EpicNNG on Wonderlands Redux.

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