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Zane’s 4th Skill Tree Revealed – Borderlands 3

Zane 4th Skill Tree Revealed - Borderlands 3
Zane 4th Skill Tree Revealed - Borderlands 3

New Skill Tree Announced

Today I bring you an overview of Zane’s ‘The Professional’ Skill Tree. This 4th skill tree is part of the Designer’s Cut DLC package which also contains a new standalone game mode called Arms Race.

MNTIS Shoulder Cannon Action Skill

The Professional Skill Tree comes with the MNTIS Shoulder Cannon action skill. With this action skill, you can shoot an energy beam. Unlike Zane’s other action skills you can spam this one. Throughout the skill tree, you can pick up skills that let you double down on this by reducing the cooldown and stacking increased damage. This action skill lets you trigger the ‘Seeing Red’ capstone from the Hitman Tree. That way you won’t be needing a Seein’ Dead Class Mod to keep triggering your Kill Skills.

Build Diversity

Gearbox Software has been on a quest to create build diversity. With this 4th skill tree, they provide a kickass skill tree but also one that has awesome synergy with the other skill trees. If you want more speed and damage for your DPS build, you got it. But you can also increase your Accuracy and Handling to create a sniper build.

The Professional Skill Tree

Zane's 'The Professional' Skill Tree - Borderlands 3

Zane’s ‘The Professional’ Skill Tree – Borderlands 3


  • MNTIS Shoulder Cannon:
    • Zane equips a Shoulder Mounted Cannon. Pressing the action skill button causes Zane to fire his cannon at his crosshairs and consume one charge.
    • Max Charges: 3
    • Cooldown: 12 seconds
    • Damage: 12324


  • Man of Focus:
    • Activating an Action Skill grants Zane increased Accuracy and Handling for a short time. This effect stacks.
    • Accuracy: +7%
    • Handling: +7.4%
    • Duration: 12 seconds
    • Max Stacks: 10
  • Renegade:
    • After scoring a Critical Hit, Zane Regenerates Health for a short time.
    • Health Regeneration: up to 0.5% Max Health per second
    • Duration: 12 seconds
  • Déjá Vu:
    • Whenever Zane kills an enemy with a Critical Hit, there is a chance for 1 ammo to be added to his magazine.
    • Chance to add ammo: +14%


  • Colder Shoulder: [Action Skill Augment] 
    • Converts Zane’s MNTIS Shoulder Cannon damage to Cryo Damage but deals reduced damage. Additionally, Zane gains Increased Cryo Freeze Rate.
    • Cannon Damage: -10%
    • Freeze Rate: +20%
  • Headsman’s Hand:
    • Kill Skill. Zane gains increased Critical Hit Damage. This effect stacks twice.
    • Critical Hit Damage: +6%
    • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Tunnel Vision:
    • While moving, Zane gains increased Accuracy and Handling. The quicker Zane moves, the greater the bonus.
    • Accuracy: up to +10% at default walk speed
    • Handling: up to +11% at default walk speed
  • Commitment
    • Kill Skill. Zane gains increased Gun Damage and Action Skill Cooldown Rate.
    • Gun Damage: +6%
    • Cooldown Rate: +6%


  • Wetwork: [Action Skill Augment]
    • Whenever Zane kills an enemy with his Shoulder Cannon, that enemy explodes into an Elemental Puddle.
    • Explosion Damage: 8532
    • Puddle Damage: 4740 per second
  • Fugitive:
    • Zane can sprint and shoot at the same time.
  • Brain Drain: [Action Skill Augment]
    • Whenever Zane kills an enemy with a Critical Hit from his Shoulder Cannon, two charges are instantly returned.
Zane Shoulder Cannon in Action - Borderlands 3

Zane Shoulder Cannon in Action – Borderlands 3


  • No Way Out: [Action Skill Augment]
    • Whenever Zane damages an enemy with his Shoulder Cannon, that enemy is pulled to him and takes Increased Damage for a short time. Additionally, Zane’s MNTIS Shoulder Cannon cooldown time is increased.
    • Cooldown: +20%
    • Damage Increase: +25%
    • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Domino Effect:
    • Whenever Zane scores a Critical Hit, he gains increased Fire Rate and Reload Speed for a short time. If he scores a Critical Hit with his Action Skill, he doubles this effect.
    • Reload Speed: +4%
    • Fire Rate: +3%
    • Duration: 8 seconds
  • The Art of War
    • After activating an Action Skill or Action Skill Ability, Zane’s next shot fired from his weapon deals Increased Damage. This effect stacks.
    • Gun Damage: +3%
    • Max Stacks: 10


  • Sheer Will:
    • Zane gains increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate. Scoring a Critical Hit increases this effect. This effect stacks.
    • Cooldown Rate: +5%
    • Cooldown Rate: +2.5% after Critical Hit
    • Duration: 8 seconds
    • Max Stacks: 15
  • Eraser:
    • Zane’s Critical Hit pierce through enemies for all weapons, dealing Increased Damage for every enemy pierced.
    • Pierced Shot Damage: +40% per enemy pierced
  • Proliferation:
    • Zane’s MNTIS Shoulder Cannon gains Additional Charges and deals Increased Damage based on the number of charges remaining.
    • Additional Charges: +2
    • Cannon Damage: +20% per charge


  • Our Man Flynt:
    • While aiming down sight, Zane’s weapons deal Bonus Damage and automatically apply their Status Effect when he scores a Critical Hit.
    • Bonus Damage: 25% of damage dealt.

Zane’s Skill Tree

Check out Zane’s Full Skill Tree

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