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Zero 2 Hero – Borderlands 3 Community Challange

You Will Fail (Seriously)! New Endgame Challenge! // Borderlands 3 // Zero To Hero
You Will Fail (Seriously)! New Endgame Challenge! // Borderlands 3 // Zero To Hero

Race to Wotan 2.0

There is a new community challenge by Moxsy and this end game challenge reminded me of the Race to Wotan challenge from last year but more challenging.

You need to start with zero gear on an LVL 72 character and beat the Maliwan Takedown on M10/11 in True Takedown Mode! The added challenge is that you cannot farm for gear. You can only kill a named enemy once. If that enemy doesn’t drop the item you really wanted, I hope the RNG Gods are more generous during other drops.

You Will Fail (Seriously)!

  • Goal:
    • Beat Maliwan True Takedown at M11 or M10
  • Rules:
    • Start with no gear on a level 72 character
    • No farming (can only kill named enemies once)
    • No Arms Race runs allowed
    • No Fabricator or purchasing gear
    • Events must be off during run, but you may turn them on for one runthrough of chosen event. (cartels, halloween)
    • No anoint reroll machine
    • No Buying Moxxi Gear
    • No Iron Bear (iron cub is allowed)
    • No Car travel glitches
    • No Vault Card
    • No Keys (diamond/gold)
    • Are allowed to do 1 event runthrough (cartels)
    • No Farming Slaughtershafts /Slaughterstars
    • No Mail Reward Items
    • Guardian Rank is Allowed

While this is an informal community challenge you can submit your run time to Moxsy.

Borderlands 3 Black Market

Discover the location of Maurice’s hidden Black Market vending machine that sells Legendary items!
Where is Maurice?

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