“Alamo-7” Armor

“Alamo-7” Armor

Gear Description:

The “Alamo-7” Armor is a legendary piece of Gear  that increases the  damage reduction and reload speed.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the “Alamo-7” Armor will make you immune against damage for a brief moment when your health is very low. This legendary effect can only occur once every 2 minutes.

How to get the “Alamo-7” Armor ?

For those who wonder where does alamo-7 armor drop from? The “Alamo-7” Armor can be obtained by defeating ISIC Magnus who is the final-boss in episode 1 of the story campaign, The Algorithm. This piece of gear will only drop on Advanced difficulty.

Personal Note:

Great piece of gear for survivability that let’s you cheat death. With it’s secondary stat being reload speed makes the Alamo-7 Armor great for Battleborn heroes that  require to reload. New players that would pick a character like Oscar Mike will be able to stay in the battlefield a bit longer. But this piece of gear would also make a tank like Ghalt even more of a bullet sponge.

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  1. Khorlith

    Oscar Mike and Whiskey Foxtrot come to mind.

  2. wolfalizer

    Not gonna lie, I think Ernst would really benefit from that speedy reload… #GrenadesForDays 🐣

  3. Sjayz

    Ernest 😉


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