Borderlands 3 Legendary Anshin Shield - Beskar

Borderlands 3 Legendary Anshin Shield – Beskar

Weapon Overview:

Manufacturer: Anshin
Type: Shield
Rarity: Legendary
Drop Rate: ???
Anointed: Yes
Various Parts: Yes
Elemental: No

Weapon Stats:

Level: 65
Capacity: 27858
Recharge Delay: 5.3
Recharge Rate: 10991

About the Beskar:

The Beskar is a Legendary Item in Borderlands 3. This Anshin Shield is a great protection against ranged enemies as it has a 100% chance to reflect projectiles. That said, enemies have more sources of damage so don’t think you have become immune. In that case, you do still have the 50% damage reduction. The Beskar has a long recharge delay but once it starts recharging it will fill it up in no-time. Because it has a 50% damage reduction it basically doubles the shield’s capacity.

Special Weapon Effect:

“This is the way”

  • 100% chance to reflect projectiles while shielded
  • 50% damage reduction while shielded
  • Spawns with additional shield components


Physical Damage is useful against everything. It has no special properties but also does not suffer weaknesses.


Elemental Damage Guide

How to get the Beskar?

The Beskar is an Arms Race exclusive Legendary. It can randomly drop from any suitable loot source within the Stormblind Complex located on Pandora. However, you have a high chance of getting the Beskar from the Red Chest at location E  on the map.

Arms Race Red Chest Loot v3 - Borderlands 3

Arms Race Red Chest Loot v3 – Borderlands 3

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  1. Well, that was weird. fixed it, thanks for letting me know 🙂

  2. rumplebunny

    It’s my new favorite FL4K shield (and pet’s shield as well!) Easy to keep up with the shield skills in…

  3. d0n4v0n

    That looks amazing! 👀👀👀

  4. Mads_J

    Just got one today. It rolled with double turtle 🐢, but a meh anointment. But looks interesting. Gotta try it out.

  5. ADR and his stupid PANGO FACE

    i think my Ad Hoc 99% Sham Amara build might be in jeopardy

  6. Juan Antonio

    Well, I have a problem with this shield, I come up with so many ideas that I don’t know where to start

  7. JimRaven

    This is Rico 2.0, the original didn’t feature damage resistance which reflect while it would imply that…

  8. Obvious Mandolorian reference is obvious.


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