Storm front

Borderlands 3 Legendary Tediore Grenade Mod - Storm Front

About the Storm front:

The Storm front is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Grenade Mod can be produced by Vladof, Hyperion, and Tediore. The manufacturer only determines the delivery method (check the notes for details). When thrown the Storm Front will spawn several MIRV grenades that all deal continues shock damage. This is a very effective grenade mod to strip enemies from their shields.



Special Weapon Effect:

“Very, very frightening.”

  • Always Shock Element.
  • Splits into multiple grenades that deal continuous shock damage to nearby enemies.

How to get the Storm front?:

The Storm front can be obtained from any loot source but has a high chance of dropping from Under Taker who is located in The Droughts on Pandora.


  • The lightning counts as splash damage.
  • Hyperion Storm Front has a Longbow delivery system.
  • Tediore Storm Front has a lobbed delivery system.
  • Vladof Storm Front has an impact delivery system.


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