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Borderlands 3 Legendary Class Mod - Bloodletter
Borderlands 3 Legendary Class Mod - Bloodletter

About the Bloodletter Class Mod:

The Bloodletter is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Gunner Class Mod is all about maximizing your shield.

Special Weapon Effect:

“Ideas are bulletproof.”

If Moze would be healed, she gains shields instead. If she would regenerate health, she also gains shield regeneration. Greatly increased shield recharge delay and reduced recharge rate.

  • +150% Shield Recharge Delay.
  • -50% Shield Recharge Rate.

How to get the Bloodletter Class Mod?:

The Bloodletter can be obtained during the Trial of Survival that is located in the Gradient of Dawn, it has a 50% chance of dropping from Skag of Survival.

Bonus Skills:

SkillSkill Description
Thin Red LineThis skill reduces Moze’s maximum health but increases her maximum shield capacity by the same amount.
Desperate MeasuresThis skill increases Moze’s gun damage depending on how low her health is. The lower her health, the greater the bonus.
Phalanx DoctrineThis skill allows Moze to gain a stack of Phalanx Doctrine for a short time after she kills an enemy. For every stack of Phalanx Doctrine, Moze’s maximum shield capacity and gun damage are increased.


If you want a god-roll Bloodletter Class Mod you should be looking for these passive stats bonuses on your Gunner Class Mod:

Passive StatsDescription
[Weapon Type] DamageSpecific [Weapon Type] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.
Splash Damage / Weapon DamageWhile General Splash/Weapon Damage is additive instead of multiplicative, like the specific [Weapon Type] damage, it still provides a nice universal bonus that applies to all your weapons.
[Manufacturer] Weapon (Critical) DamageSpecific [Manufacturer] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.


  • With the Deathless Artifact, you can reduce your Health to 1 to take maximum advantage of the ‘Desperate Measures‘ bonus and increase your shield even further.
  • Since your Health is low, having a Stop-Gap shield equipped can be very useful as it protects your life points on shield break.
  • Combining this class Mod with an AMP shield and a healing weapon will result in every shot becoming an AMP shot (Face-puncher with a Knife Drain artifact will also do the trick).
  • Combining this Class Mod with a Frozen Snowshoe and a Spark Plug artifact is fun.
  • Best Roll: 5/5 “Phalanx Doctrine” or 3/3 “Desperate Measures”, 2/5 “Phalanx Doctrine”

Affected by Bloodletter:

Shield Only

  • Hot Spring
  • Kyb’s Worth healing circle
  • Otto Idol: only shield (still calculates based on health)
  • Knife Drain
  • Chupa’s Organ
  • Rushin’ Offensive
  • Moxxi weapons
  • The Cure
  • Terror % health regen on ASE
  • Loaded Dice’s built-in otto-idol-effect
  • Frozen Heart and Frozen Snowshoe
  • Kings/Queens call
  • Vampyr regens
  • ASE life steal anoint regens

Health & Shield

  • Class mod and artifact health regen passives regen
  • Biofuel
  • Terror % health regen while terrified
  • Redistribution
  • Transfusion grenade
  • ASE health regen on shield
  • Ward shield


Here are a few builds that use this Class Mod 


  • Patch April 23, 2020
    • Addressed a reported concern that shields were no longer regenerating when the Terrified health regeneration anointed part was activated with the Bloodletter Class Mod on the Gunner.


  • The flavor text is a reference to a quote by V in the 2006 film V for Vendetta.
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