Boots of the Brute

Boots of the Brute

Gear Description:

The Boots of the Brute is a legendary piece of Gear  that Increases the Movement Speed and Critical Hit Damage.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the Boots of the Brute will slow enemies occasionally when you hit enemies with an melee attack.

How to get the Boots of the Brute ?

The Boots of the Brute can be obtained by defeating Foreman Grall who is the final-boss in episode 7 of the story campaign, The Saboteur. This piece of gear will only drop on Advanced difficulty.

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  1. Empanada Mortal de la Muerte

    This lil dude

  2. Natsume Ryu

    Any melee character, but probably Deande. Give her the move speed and slow her target.


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