Bounty Hunter

Borderlands 3 Legendary FL4K Class Mod - Bounty Hunter
Borderlands 3 Legendary FL4K Class Mod - Bounty Hunter

About the Bounty Hunter Class Mod:

The Bounty Hunter is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Beastmaster Class Mod rewards you for dealing damage.

Special Weapon Effect:

“The world is made up of two classes – the hunter and the huntees.”

  • FL4K has a 3% chance to activate any purchased Hunt Kill Skill when dealing gun damage. Bosses are now treated as humans, beasts, and robotics for FL4K’s Hunt Skills.

How to get the Bounty Hunter?:

The Bounty Hunter can be obtained during the Trial of Fervor in the Skydrowned Pulpit, it has a high chance of dropping from Hag of Fervor.

Bonus Skills:

  • Hunter’s Eye
    • This skill gives FL4K specific combat bonuses against different types of enemies
  • The Most Dangerous Game
    • This skill gives FL4K a bonus to critical hit damage, gun damage, and weapon handling, and also increases pet damage for a time after they kill a Badass or stronger enemy. It also grants FL4K a cash reward upon killing said enemy.
  • Frenzy
    • This skill allows FL4K and their pet to gain a Frenzy stack when the pet deals damage to an enemy. FL4K and the pet gain increased damage for each stack of Frenzy. The stacks will start to decay a few seconds after the pet stops doing damage.

FL4K Build:



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