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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Legendary Magic Spell - Buffmeister
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Legendary Magic Spell - Buffmeister

The Buffmeister is one of the Legendary Magic Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This Self casting Magic Spell is manufactured by Miraculum and is part of the base game.

The Buffmeister is a very powerful utility spell as it empowers your Fatemaker. This magic spell is very popular with the various character builds.

There is one thing you should look out for with this spell and that’s the additional words at the bottom of the item card. Because each word adds a different power to the spell. A Buffmeister with “PEW!” + “ZAP!” is very popular but look what you need to empower your build.


Fire, Lightning, Poison, Frost, Dark Magic

Special Legendary Effect


The Buffmeister adds elemental Bonus Damage to All Damage Dealt and grants 3 Stat Buffs – that are listed on the item card – for a short time.

  • All Buffmeisters:
    • +98% Movement Speed
  • “Zap!” Buffmeisters:
    • +120% Spell Damage
  • “Bonk!” Buffmeisters:
    • +120% Melee Damage
  • “Kchow!” Buffmeisters:
    • +120% Ability Damage
    • +98.4% Ability Crit Chance
  • “Pew!” Buffmeisters:
    • +98% Handling, Accuracy, Recoil
    • +38.5% Fire Rate
    • +60% Reload Speed

How to get the Buffmeister?


  • The Buffmeister is still a magic spell and therefore benefits from Spell Damage increases boosting its effectiveness.


  • Hotfix
    • Buffmeister would calculate bonus damage incorrectly while equipped as Spellshot’s secondary spell. (You could increase the Buffmeister’s boost by equipping a spell with a higher base damage)


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