Bunker Buster

Bunker Buster

Gear Description:

The Bunker Buster is a legendary UPR piece of Gear  that increases Shield Penetration and reduces the Reload Speed.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the Bunker Buster will  provide  Bonus Damage to Shields equel to 65% of your Shield Penetration percentage.

How to get the Bunker Buster ?

The Bunker Buster can be obtained by defeating the  H3NCHM4N  who is the first mid-boss in episode 1 of the story campaign, The Algorithm. This piece of gear will only drop on Advanced difficulty.

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  1. PotentialGamer

    If I ever build a shield-pen loadout, I almost universally use it on Oscar Mike

  2. N1h1l1stb0t

    It’s… Not great…


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