Cloud Kill

Cloud Kill Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase

About the Cloud Kill:

The Cloud Kill is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Maliwan SMG is always corrosive and therefore ideal for armored enemies. So if you are going to play the Moxxi’s Heist on Handsome Jackpot DLC, this is a great weapon to bring along. The Cloud Kill has a high fire rate but does have the Maliwan trademark charge-up time. This weapon’s name also reflects its special ability. When the projectiles hit a target, a corrosive cloud will materialize and eat away your opponent’s life gauge. The corrosive cloud will disappear after a while or when you hit a new target, then a new cloud will appear at the new target location.



Special Weapon Effect:

“Now you will rise.”
Always corrosive with no Alternative Fire mode. Creates a cloud that deals constant corrosive damage upon hitting an enemy.

How to get the Cloud Kill?:

The Cloud Kill can be obtained by completing the story mission; Beneath the Meridian. At the end of the quest, you are given an additional bonus objective which is to talk to Ava. So before you finish the mission by talking to Lilith a second time, you first need to talk to Ava aboard Sanctuary 3. If you did this, you will get a bonus reward when you turn in this mission, which is the legendary Cloud Kill.


  • June 11th, 2020
    • Increased weapons damage


  • The weapon’s flavor text is a reference to Maya’s “And now, you will fall!” quote when getting a Second Wind.
  • Cloud Kill is also a skill for Maya in Borderlands 2 that added corrosive clouds to your bullets.

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  1. Ryan

    Early game cloud kill was clutch but when you start getting farther there are better smgs, overall 7/10

  2. Brian Dickerson Jr.

    10/10 this is amazing for all lvls

  3. Chris Todd Hester

    Love it just wished it made fart noises when It gets a kill.


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