Company Man

Borderlands 3 Legendary Artifact - Company man - Dahl

Borderlands 3 Legendary Artifact – Company man – Dahl

About the Company Man:

The Company Man is a Legendary Item in Borderlands 3. This Legendary Artifact provides you with 3 manufacturer-specific bonuses. You can get buffs like;  Fire Rate, Reload Speed, Damage, or Critical Hit Damage for a specific company. These boost the stat eighter 30, 40, or 50  percent.

On top of that, the artifact can roll with additional passive buffs but these are random. The main theme of this legendary item will be the 3 manufacturer-specific bonuses.

The Company Man’s special effect is that it will invest 50% of the money you pick up into company stock. So initially, you will have a reduced income. However, with every 10 kills, there will be a payout from that company stock, providing you with additional funds. Unclaimed stock will be lost when you fast travel to a different map or if you unequip the artifact.

Special Weapon Effect:

“Together we can put a ding in the universe”

  • 3 Manufacturer-specific bonuses
  • 50% of the cash you pick up is invested in company stock. Cashouts occur after every 10th kill. Unclaimed stock is lost on map transition or unequip.

How to get the Ringer?

The Ringer is a Director’s Cut exclusive Legendary. You can get one by farming Hemovorous the Invincible who is its dedicated loot source. This Raid Boss located in Darkthirst Dominion on Pandora and you will need to pay 500 Eridium to gain access to this fight.

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