Contained Blast

The Contained Blast is a Borderlands 3 Legendary Assault Rifle that is manufactured by Torgue. It has an increased chance of dropping from Abbadoxis who is located in Ashfall Peaks on Gehenna.
Borderlands 3 Legendary Torgue Assault Rifle - Contained Blast
Borderlands 3 Legendary Torgue Assault Rifle - Contained Blast

About the Contained Blast:

The Contained Blast is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Torgue Semi-Auto Assault Rifle shoots both Gyrojets that explode on impact and sticky bombs that explode after a short delay. This weapon isn’t very accurate at long ranges, therefore, it’s best used for close and medium range. This is a great weapon for Moze but also works well with other Vault Hunters.


Physical Damage is useful against everything. It has no special properties but also does not suffer weaknesses.

Fire damage is strong against Flesh and can cause targets to burn. Burning deals high damage over a 5-second duration.

Corrosive damage is strong against Armor and causes targets to melt. Melting deals high damage over a 7-second duration.

Shock damage is strong against Shields and causes targets to be electrocuted. Electrocution deals very high damage over a 3-second duration.

Cryo damage slows enemies and eventually freezing them. Cryo efficiency is the percentage of damage dealt that is applied as Cryo, at 100% efficiency, enemies will freeze at 20% health. Frozen enemies are unable to move and take 3x Melee damage.

Radiation damage can cause targets to become Irradiated. Irradiated enemies deal Aura Damage to nearby enemies for 8 seconds. If an Irradiated enemy dies, they explode, Irradiating any enemies damaged by the explosion.

Special Weapon Effect:

“Put a lid on it.”

  • Fires 2 projectiles, 1 will explode on impact the other attaches a stick bomb onto your target.
    • Sticky Bombs will explode after 10 seconds or when you reload or swap the weapon.
  • Consumes 2 Ammo per shot
    • Consumes 3 Ammo per shot if you have a ‘x2’ version

Weapon Stats:

Level: 60+
Damage: 4391×2
Accuracy: 71%
Handling: 55%
Reload Time: 2.5s
Fire Rate: 5.25/s
Magazine Size: 16

Where to get the Contained Blast?

The Contained Blast has an increased chance of dropping from Abbadoxis who is located in Ashfall Peaks on Gehenna. But this weapon can also ‘World Drop’ in the Bounty of Blood DLC.

Where can I find Abbadoxis?

Abbadoxis can be found in Ashfall Peaks on Gehenna. He’s part of the ‘Skin to Win’ Crew Challenge. Use the first Fast Travel Station and walk passed the waterfalls at first. There is a Save Station just inside. Then use the jump pads to get up the waterfall.Abbadoxis Spawn Location - Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood

Is the Contained Blast any good?

The Contained Blast is a very good weapon, you should definitely farm one for yourself.


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  1. Gormalus

    Love this thing. Ruin was dropping em for me a lot.

  2. A Cops Face Is Full of Hate…

    I got one from a world drop, a Gratifying Contained Blast. It is a BEAST of an AR! Though I wish mine h…


    I have everything dropping from everything

  4. God Almighty Weird At Last


  5. Timothy Dianov

    Better fix that “PISTOL” 🤟

    • MentalMars

      Already did that 19 hours ago. But it seems like it doesn’t change :/


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