Borderlands 3 Legendary Torgue Pistol - Craps
Borderlands 3 Legendary Torgue Pistol - Craps

About the Craps:

The Craps is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Torgue Pistol has a chance to randomly shoot additional projectiles which increases its damage output significantly. This weapon will carry you through Mayhem Mode 4.


None, fire, corrosive, shock, cryo, or radiation

Special Weapon Effect:

“Oh, me.”

  • Has a chance to shoot 4 additional projectiles.
  • Can switch between “Impact” and “Sticky” firing mode

How to get the Craps?:

The Craps can be obtained as a world drop in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC, it also has a high chance of dropping from the Jackbot which is located in The VIP Tower.


  • Hotfix – October 15, 2020
    • 120% Increased weapon damage


  • The name of the gun is based on a popular casino game, Craps.
  • The red flavor text is also a song by Nirvana, however, other than that I don’t know what it refers to.


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  1. Kenneth Wood

    For me its 9/10 I used this till I finally got a shock cutsman and if I run out of smg ammo I always sw…

  2. Baby Shark

    I LOVE the craps. Love to use it with Moze. 8-9/10

  3. Justin Smith

    Personally I call it Baby Unkempt Harold xD


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