Devastator Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase

About the Devastator:

The Devastator is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Torgue Pistol shoots slower-moving projectiles that deal good damage. Therefore, you want to use this weapon at close to medium range. Not too close as the splash damage can hurt you. It’s a good weapon for basic mobbing.


None: Physical Damage is useful against everything. It has no special properties but also does not suffer weaknesses.

Special Weapon Effect:


  • Reduced projectile speed.
  • Increased magazine size and blast radius.
  • Fires a two-round burst.
  • No Alternative Fire mode.

Weapon Stats:

Level: 50
Damage: 1141
Accuracy: 50%
Handling: 55%
Reload Time: 2.0s
Fire Rate: 9.24/s
Magazine Size: 10

Where to get the Devastator?

The Devastator has an increased chance of dropping from The Unstoppable in Ambermire which is located on Eden-6.

Is the Devastator any good?

The Devastator can deal good damage but you have to create a decent build around it to make it viable on the higher Mayhem levels.

What is the drop rate of the Devastator?

The Devastator has a 10% drop rate.

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