Borderlands 3 | Fearmonger Legendary Weapon Guide (Bloody Harvest Event Item!)

About the Fearmonger:

The Fearmonger is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Hyperion Shotgun was added to the game during the Bloody Harvest event and plays into the Halloween theme. The damage of the Fearlmonger is good but only after the elemental projectiles explode. The damage on impact isn’t that great but after a short delay, the projectiles will explode and deal great damage. The elemental projectiles travel in a square formation that will wobble a bit in and out like the interfacer from Borderlands 2.


Corrosive, Shock, and Cryo.

Special Weapon Effect:

“I can’t control their fear, only my own.”

  • Shoots multiple elemental projectiles in a square formation that will wobble a bit in and out during flight.
  • After the impact, the elemental projectiles explode after a short delay.
  • Consumes 2 ammo per shot.

How to get the Fearmonger?:

The Fearmonger is a Bloody Harvest legendary item and can be obtained during the event. It drops from loot ghosts and Captain Haunt.


  • Hotfix October 8, 2020
    • Increased number of bullets shot per Terror level
    • Increased weapon damage


  • The red text is a quote from Scarlet Witch who said “I can’t control their fear, only my own” in Captain America: Civil War.

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