Fire Bee

BLTPS Legendary Grenade Mod - Fire Bee
BLTPS Legendary Grenade Mod - Fire Bee

The Fire Bee is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. This Vladof Grenade Mod is an extremely effective grenade for weakening/clearing out groups of bandits or other flesh-based enemies, due to how it launches fire missiles in addition to the usual flame ring.



Special Weapon Effects:

“Bees are coming!”
Always Incendiary. Spits fire in a circular motion. Additionally shoots small missiles of fire in a circular motion.

How to get the Fire Bee ?:

The Fire Bee is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source in both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.

How to Grind the Fire Bee in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel?:

You can use the Grinder in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel to create the Fire Bee. While there is no guaranteed recipe, you can combine 3 Purple Grenade Mods to obtain a random legendary Grenade Mod. Be sure to make it a Luneshine grind for a “guaranteed” legendary and also get a chance of getting a Luneshine buff.

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  1. Joe

    Tbh I stuck with the fireworks grenade I got from the Handsome Collection. Dangerous af but damage scal…

  2. Steven Moncivais

    I haven’t used it all that often (I managed to get a world drop Quasar before I got a Fire Bee,) but it…

  3. Dennis Martin

    10/10 is a fcking legend. XD

  4. TheMexicanDog



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