Firmware Update 1.51C

Firmware Update 1.51C

Gear Description:

The Firmware Update 1.51C is a legendary piece of Gear  that reduces the cooldown time and provides sprint speed.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the Firmware Update 1.51C will  provide once every 15 seconds, a 30% chance to reduce all active cooldowns by 4 seconds by activating a skill

How to get the Firmware Update 1.51C ?

The Firmware Update 1.51C obtained by defeating the  Geoff who is the second mid-boss in episode 1 of the story campaign, The Algorithm. This piece of gear will drop on Normal and Advanced difficulty.

Personal Notes:

With each Battleborn hero you want to spam your skills as much as you can because these are the things that make them unique and powerful. The Firmware Update 1.51C is an amazing piece of gear to bring that cooldown time back to zero. The sprint speed helps you get into position fast to fire off your next skill on your opponents in PvP.  The Firmware Update 1.51C is in my Top 10 Legendary Gear.

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  1. Kenny Edward Howlett

    I think it should never been messed with. It was a good item then the devs buffed it and that caused th…

  2. TheOnlyTachyon

    Caldarius. Orendi. TheOnlyTachyon (dlc character for season 2)


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