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Frenzied Wrath

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Amulet - Frenzied Wrath Card
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Amulet - Frenzied Wrath Item Card

The Frenzied Wrath is one of the Legendary Amulets in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This Amulet is part of the base game. The Frenzied Wrath is manufactured by Vatu and enhances your offense by boosting your companions. Every time you defeat an enemy your companions gain a damage increase. This effect can stack multiple times.

Special Legendary Effect

Act erratically, and lash out at everything around us.

When a Fatemaker or a Companion kills an enemy, Companion’s Damage is increased by 20% for 15 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

How to get the Frenzied Wrath?

  1. You can obtain the Frenzied Wrath randomly as a World Drop from any suitable loot source.
  2. You can also get it from the Barf Bunnies within the Chaos Chamber. Increase your chances by maximizing your crystals during your Chaos Chamber Run.
  3. The Frenzied Wrath is also assigned a dedicated drop source. You can farm Knight Mare located in Ossu-gol Necropolis.
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  • The Frenzied Wrath is great for mobbing as you can easily stack up the Amulet’s legendary effect. However, if you find yourself in a boss encounter and aren’t able to stack the effect easily, you might want to check out the Joint Training Amulet.
  • Flying Tediore Guns don’t benefit from increased Companion Damage, Hydras and Pixies do get the increase.

Primary Stats

The Frenzied Wrath will come with 1 random Elemental Damage bonus and 1 random Class Power.

Primary StatsLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
<Element> Damage30.00%34.84%40.60%47.43%55.6%
Class Power25.00%29.06%33.87%39.60%46.4%

Secondary Stats

The Frenzied Wrath comes with 1 or 2 Secondary Stats with a small chance of rolling the same stat twice.

Secondary StatsLVL 40ChaoticVolatilePrimordialAscended
Status EffectChance25.00%29.36%34.53%40.68%48.0%
Status Effect Damage25.00%29.42%34.67%40.91%48.3%
Loot Luck15.00%17.47%20.40%23.88%28.0%
All Damage10.00%11.43%13.12%15.14%17.5%
Action Skill Cooldown Rate20.00%23.16%26.91%31.37%36.7%
Fire Rate10.00%11.62%13.55%15.84%18.6%
Reload Time17.65%20.59%24.09%28.25%33.2%
Magazine Size20.00%23.00%26.56%30.79%35.8%
Dark Magic Efficiency20.00%23.43%27.51%32.36%38.1%


  • The red text on the item card is a quote from the 2014-2019 HBO television series Silicon Valley.


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