Borderlands 3 Legendary FL4K Class Mod - Friend-Bot
Borderlands 3 Legendary FL4K Class Mod - Friend-Bot

About the Friend-Bot:

The Friend-Bot is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Beastmaster class mod is designed to buff your pets and keep them in the fight. With the Friend-Bot class mod, you probably want to spec into the master skill tree.

Special Weapon Effect:

“Don’t worry, the dog lives.”

  • Increased pet damage. When FL4K kills an enemy, their pets gains Second Wind.

How to get the Friend-Bot?:

The Friend-Bot can be obtained during the Trial of Discipline in the Precipice Anchor, it has a high chance of dropping from Arbalest of Discipline.

Skill Bonuses

Variants of the Friend-Bot mod may grant the following bonuses:

  • Psycho Head on a Stick
    • This skill gives FL4K’s pet increased movement speed and damage for a short time after FL4K kills an enemy.
  • Barbaric Yawp
    • This skill increases all pet bonuses that FL4K receives.
  • All My BFF’s
    • This skill allows FL4K’s allies to receive a portion of FL4K’s total health regeneration. FL4K’s pet receives twice the amount.

Passive Stat Bonuses

If you want a god-roll Friend-Bot Class Mod you should be looking for these passive stats bonuses on your beastmaster class mod:

  • [Weapon Type] Damage
    • Specific [Weapon Type] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.
  • [Manufacturer] Critical Damage
    • Specific [Manufacturer] Critical Damage boosts can really crank up FL4K’s DPS on any build.
  • Weapon Damage
    • While General Weapon Damage is additive instead of multiplicative, like the specific [Weapon Type] damage, it still provides a nice universal bonus that applies to all your weapons.
  • Action Skill Cooldown
    • Increased Action Skill Cooldown is great since it allows you to utilize your action skill quicker and Class Mods provides a bigger cooldown bonus than artifacts.

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