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Golden Rule

Borderlands 3 Legendary Class Mod - Golden Rule

About the Golden Rule Class Mod:

The Golden Rule is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Siren Class Mod keeps you in the fight as you get damage reductions when you keep dealing damage with your action skill.

Special Weapon Effect:

“I can do this all day.”

Whenever an enemy damages Amara, she gains increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate for a few seconds. This effect stacks.

Note: Self-damage does stack this Buff as well.

How to get the Golden Rule?:

The Golden Rule can randomly be obtained in Moxxi’s Heist on the Handsome Jackpot from any suitable loot source. But it has a 33.3% chance of dropping from the final boss, Jackbot, who is located in the VIP Tower.

Bonus Skills:

Variants of the Golden Rule grants the following bonuses:

SkillSkill Description
Laid BareThis skill causes enemies damaged by Amara’s Action Skill to take increased damage from all sources.
MindfulnessThis skill allows Amara to gain a stack of Mindfulness whenever she takes damage. Every stack of Mindfulness increases her movement speed and reduces her shield recharge delay. Stacks decay after a short time.
Helping Hand(s)This skill gives Amara damage reduction for a short time after using her Action Skill.
  • Best Roll: 3/3 “Laid Bare”, 2/5 “Helping Hands”


If you want a god-roll Golden Rule Class Mod you should be looking for these passive stats bonuses on your Siren Class Mod:

Passive StatDescription
[Weapon Type] DamageSpecific [Weapon Type] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.
Weapon DamageWhile General Weapon Damage is additive instead of multiplicative, like the specific [Weapon Type] damage, it still provides a nice universal bonus that applies to all your weapons.
[Manufacturer] Weapon (Critical) DamageSpecific [Manufacturer] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.


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