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Borderlands 3 Legendary Class Mod - Green Monster
Borderlands 3 Legendary Class Mod - Green Monster

About the Green Monster Class Mod:

The Green Monster is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Gunner Class Mod can kinda be exploited as a Blast Master Class Mod.

Special Weapon Effect:

“We often smilin’ at sights of violence.”

  • After firing her weapon for a few seconds, Moze’s weapons gain bonus corrosive damage. The longer she continually fires her weapon, the greater the bonus.
    • Weapons, Grenades, and Melee gain up to +100% Bonus Corrosive Damage (7.5% per second).
  • Secretly, also boosts Splash Damage.
    • Weapons, Grenades, and Iron Bear gain up to 100% Bonus Splash Damage (2% per second).

How to get the Green Monster Class Mod?:

The Green Monster can only be obtained in the Moxxi’s Heist on the Handsome Jackpot DLC. You can get it as a random world drop from any suitable loot source but this class mod has a 33.3% chance of dropping from the DLC’s final boss, Jackbot. This boss actually has a 100% chance of dropping a legendary item from its loot pool.

Bonus Skills:

SkillSkill Description
Scorching RPM’sThis skill increases Moze’s fire rate and critical hit damage.
Click, Click…This skill grants Moze increasing gun damage as the gun’s magazine empties. If the gun is manufactured by COV, Moze gains gun damage as the gun’s heat increases.
The Iron BankThis skill increases Moze’s magazine size.


If you want a god-roll Green Monster Class Mod you should be looking for these passive stats bonuses on your Gunner Class Mod:

Passive StatsDescription
[Weapon Type] DamageSpecific [Weapon Type] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.
Splash Damage / Weapon DamageWhile General Splash/Weapon Damage is additive instead of multiplicative, like the specific [Weapon Type] damage, it still provides a nice universal bonus that applies to all your weapons.
[Manufacturer] Weapon (Critical) DamageSpecific [Manufacturer] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.


  • Although not listed, there is a limit to the total bonus given, so pairing the class mod with the Infinity will not produce an endless damage bonus.
  • The damage bonus starts stacking from the moment your first pull the trigger. Therefore, weapons that need to charge up start stacking as soon as you prepare your shot.
  • Firing just 1 projectile will continue to stack the bonus damage, which you can then still benefit from on your grenades or Iron Bear. Reloading your weapon will remove the bonus damage.
  • Moze’s Green Monster COM can only spawn with a maximum of +1 in “Click, Click…”.
  • Best Rolls: 3/3 “Click, Click”, 2/5 “Scorching RPM” or 5/5 “Scorching RPM”
Secret Splash Bonus To Green Monster - is it the BEST MOZE CLASS MOD now? Borderlands 3 Guide


Here are a few builds that use this Class Mod 


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