H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor

H3NCHM4N's Capacitor

Gear Description:

The H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor is a legendary UPR piece of Gear  that reduces the buildable cost and provides shield penetration.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor will  provide buildables with additional  maximum shield strength.

How to get the H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor ?

The H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor obtained by defeating the  H3NCHM4N  who is the first mid-boss in episode 1 of the story campaign, The Algorithm. This piece of gear will drop on Normal and Advanced difficulty.

Personal Note:

While the H3NCHM4N’s Capacitor sounds like a great piece of gear in my mind it kinda under performs to my judgement. I prefer raw attack damage above shield penetration as that is way more useful. But this piece of gear is designed to be a game changer for buildables, however there are cheaper gear that let you reduce your build cost. The legendary effect isn’t really worth it for me. I find turrets helpful but they aren’t really lethal. Its great that you are able to re-enforce them but its just adding like a second of up time before they are destroyed.   I would prefer this legendary effect to the one of the Sentinel Reset Switch, however that piece of gear has a better secondary stat.

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    That could be pretty good on Marquis.


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