Helm of the Imperium

Helm of the Imperium

Gear Description:

The Helm of the Imperium is a legendary piece of Gear  that reduces CC Duration and increases the Critical Hit Damage.

Legendary Effect:

The legendary effect on the Helm of the Imperium will provide a temporary Attack Damage boost when you recover from a CC effect.

How to get the Helm of the Imperium ?

The Helm of the Imperium can be obtained by defeating Redain who is the final-boss in episode 8 of the story campaign, The Heliophage. This piece of gear will only drop on Advanced difficulty.

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  1. Jim

    CC gear was kinda underwhelming, and rarely worthwhile next to other gear. That said, I guess it could… https://t.co/BOKq0HjrXi

  2. DesiRée Preston

    I have a hard time letting myself use any CC reduction gear, even though I know it’s useful. 🙁


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