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The Hornet is a legendary weapon in Borderlands 2. This guide will tell you how to get the Hornet and what unique special effect it has.
Legendary Hornet - Borderlands 2
Legendary Hornet - Borderlands 2

The Hornet is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 2. You can acquire this Dahl pistol very early on in the game but this gun can be very useful near the end of the game. Because the Hornet spawns with a guaranteed corrosive effect, it is very useful for playing through areas with armored opponents, which you will frequently encounter later on in the game.



Special Weapon Effects:

Fear the Swarm!

  • Always corrosive.
  • When zoomed fires a 6-round burst fire with high Elemental Effect, each shot has a slightly increased area of effect.

How to get the Hornet?:

The Hornet can be obtained from any obtainable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Knuckle Dragger located in Windshear Waste.

It also has an increased chance to drop from Hyperius the Invincible in Washburne Refinery.

Borderlands 2 Legendary Hornet Location Guide

Borderlands 2 Legendary Hornet Location Guide


  • Splash damage produced by the Hornet’s shots counts as grenade damage and as such, its damage is boosted by skills such as Steady.


  • The Hornet has a very similar skin to the Maliwan Hive. Both weapons are always corrosive, may shoot multiple projectiles per pull of the trigger, and their names refer to the Vespidae family of insects.
  • The Hornet is based on a repeater pistol, also called Hornet, from Borderlands.
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