About the Hydrafrost:

The Hydrafrost is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This COV Pistol deals bonus elemental damage for a brief time if you manage to score a kill with it. The Hydrafrost has a good base damage and fire rate, however, the projectiles move a bit slower. The “magazine size” is solid but the repair time is a bit long. The Hydrafrost can be very powerful if the bonus elemental damage matches up against your target. This COV pistol acts like an SMG and will eat through your ammo in no time.



Special Weapon Effect:

“Tell your heads to chill.”

  • After a kill, every 2nd shot deals 200% shock or incendiary damage for 6 seconds


  • Hotfix – December 17, 2020
    • Increased weapon damage by 30%
    • Increased shock or incendiary damage duration
    • Added fire projectiles to each buff

How to get the Hydrafrost?:

The Hydrafrost can only be obtained from Shiverous the Unscathed, who is a rare spawn in Guns, Love, and Tentacles. Shiverous the Unscathed is located in Negul Neshai on Xylourgos.

TTWL Chaotic Great

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