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Lucian Shrikebolt

Immortals of Aveum - Sigil - Lucian Shrikebolt
Immortals of Aveum - Sigil - Lucian Shrikebolt

The Lucian Shrikebolt is a piece of Gear that can be obtained in Immortals of Aveum. This Rare Sigil fires precise and long-range Blue Magic bolts, Shrikebolts are great to bring into any fight. This item can be upgraded twice.

Gear Stats

Immortals of Aveum - Sigil - Lucian Shrikebolt Card
LevelDamageFire RateCapacityBonusesUpgrade Cost
9474.28Recoil -10%
12494.28Recoil -11%Gold: 6,000
Blue Essence: 23
16514.28Recoil -12%Gold: 6,000
Blue Essence: 23

How to get the Lucian Shrikebolt?

The Lucian Shrikebolt is unlocked in the Forge and needs to be crafted in order to obtain it. It will become available to craft at the first Forge in Chapter 4.

Crafting CostLVL 9Gold: 14,400
Blue Essence: 70
Immortals of Aveum Screenshot showcasing the first Forge that you will encounter in the game.


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