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Borderlands 3 Legendary Class Mod - Infriltrator
Borderlands 3 Legendary Class Mod - Infriltrator

About the Infiltrator Class Mod:

The Infiltrator is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Operative Class Mod gives you a lot of speed and weapon damage at the cost of your shield. You could run the Infiltrator with a rough rider shield that already has zero shield capacity but gives you a 23% incoming damage reduction and 35% health increase. You can also pick up a Stop-Gap that makes you immune to damage for 5 seconds on shield break.

Special Weapon Effect:

“When the leaves hang trembling, the wind is passing through.”

  • Zane gains increased weapon damage and movement speed. The lower his shield, the greater the bonus. When an action skill is activated, his shield is depleted.

How to get the Infiltrator?:

The Infiltrator has a 15% chance of dropping from the Skrakk who is located in Ascension Bluff on Pandora.

Bonus Skills:

  • Like a Ghost
    • This skill gives Zane and his Digi-Clone a chance to ignore bullets. This chance is increased for a short time each time Zane activates an Action Skill.
  • Supersonic Man
    • This skill gives Zane a bonus to movement speed for each of his active Action Skills.
  • Violent Momentum
    • This skill gives Zane a gun damage bonus which increases with his movement speed.


If you want a god-roll Infiltrator Class Mod you should be looking for these passive stats bonuses on your Operative Class Mod:

  • [Weapon Type] Damage
    • Specific [Weapon Type] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.
  • Weapon Damage
    • While General Weapon Damage is additive instead of multiplicative, like the specific [Weapon Type] damage, it still provides a nice universal bonus that applies to all your weapons.
  • [Manufacturer] Weapon (Critical) Damage
    • Specific [Manufacturer] bonus damage is multiplicative and will, therefore, provide a larger damage increase than the general weapon damage.
  • Action Skill Cooldown
    • Increased Action Skill Cooldown is great since it allows you to utilize your action skill quicker and Class Mods provides a bigger cooldown bonus than artifacts.



  • The flavor text is a quote from the poem The Wind by English poet Christina Rossetti.
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