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Lead Sprinkler

Lead Sprinkler Borderlands 3 Legendary Showcase

About the Lead Sprinkler:

The Lead Sprinkler is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This is an explosive Jakobs Assault Rifle because every time you hit an enemy with the Lead Sprinkler, explosive charges will drop near your target. This would make the Lead Sprinkler ideal for mobbing and large bosses. Although the weapon reloads pretty slow and underperforms. However, to get the most out of the Lead Sprinkler you need to buff your splash damage radius or Area-of-Effect Damage. Then this underrated legendary starts racking up the damage.



Special Weapon Effect:

“Splish splash.”

  • Hitting an enemy target spawns explosive charges that explode close to the initial target.
    • Body shot spawns 1 explosive charge
    • Critical hit spawns 3 explosive charges

How to get the Lead Sprinkler?:

  • The Lead Sprinkler can randomly be obtained from any loot source.
  • The Lead Sprinkler has a high chance of dropping from Billy, The Anointed who is located Jakobs Estate on Eden-6.

Drop Rate:

The Drop Rate of the Lead Sprinkler is 20%


  • The projectiles of the Lead Sprinkler have a small drop-off, therefore, you need to adjust your aim to compensate for the arc.
  • The Lead Sprinkler can spawn with either a semi-automatic or fully automatic firing mode.
  • The explosive charges from the legendary effect do damage to yourself.
  • Combine the Lead Sprinkler with gear and skills that enhances your splash damage radius and area-of-effect damage, to increase the radius of the explosive charges. That way it’s more likely that the special effect will also hit the initial target again.
  • The damage of the explosive charges is based on the damage that you do with the weapon. Therefore, the 3 explosive charges from a critical hit deal more damage.
  • The explosive charges are not listed and therefore get full overkill damage, amp damage, ‘On Action Skill Ends’ anoint bonuses.
  • The Lead Sprinkler occasionally appears in Maurice’s Black Market.


  • Hotfix Aug 6, 2020 – Increased weapon damage +33.3%


  • The flavor text references Bobby Darin’s 1958 novelty song of the same name.
  • The name and special effect are a reference to Brutus’ Lead Sprinkler from the video game Path of Exile. The weapon is very commonly used with a skill called Molten Strike, which spawns projectiles that fall to the ground and deal damage in an area after hitting an enemy.
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