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Legendary Catalyst Class Mod

Everything you need to know about the Legendary Catalyst class mod for Gaige from Borderlands 2. Special Effects, Drop Location, and more...
Legendary Catalyst Class Mod - Borderlands 2
Legendary Catalyst Class Mod - Borderlands 2

The Legendary Catalyst class mod is a Borderlands 2 Legendary item that is specifically for Gaige the Mechromancer. This Mailiwan class mod does not spawn with any optional prefixes.

How to get the Legendary Catalyst Class Mod?

The Legendary Catalyst class mod can only be obtained by defeating Tubby enemies at Level 62 or higher in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

Affected Variable

All variants of the Legendary Catalyst class mod grant the following bonuses up to:

  • Team Elemental Effect Damage: +57%

Skill Bonuses

All variants of the Legendary Catalyst class mod grant the following bonuses:

  • +5 Wires Don’t Talk
    • Increases all Shock and Electrocute Damage that you inflict by 3% per level.
  • +5 Evil Enchantress
    • Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases the Damage by 6% that your Burn, Electrocute, and Corrode status effects deal for a short period of time.
  • +5 More Pep
    • Increases your chances of applying Burn, Electrocute, Corrode, and Slag Status Effects.
      • +4% electrocute chance per rank
      • +2% burn chance per rank
      • +2% corrode chance per rank
      • +2% slag chance per rank
  • +5 Electrical Burn
    • When your Electrocute Status Effects deal damage to enemies, there is a chance they will burst into flames and take Burn Damage. The amount of Burn Damage is based on the Electrocute damage dealt. Adds 4% Ignition Chance per level.
  • +5 Interspersed Outburst
    • Not shooting an enemy for a short time grants you a stack of Interspersed Outburst. The next time you shoot an enemy, all stacks of Interspersed Outburst are consumed and you deal Slag Damage. The more stacks are consumed, the greater the chance of slagging the target. Adds 2% slag chance per level.
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