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Lich’s Augur

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Ward - Lich's Augur
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Ward - Lich's Augur

The Lich’s Augur is one of the Legendary Wards in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This Nova Ward is manufactured by Ashen and is part of the Glutton’s Gamble DLC.


None, Fire, Lightning, Poison, Frost, or Dark Magic

Special Legendary Effect

Get lich’d!

On Ward break, the Lich’s Augur will reduce your Spell Cooldown by -25% and increases Spell Damage and Spell Critical Hit Chance by +25% for 8 seconds.

This Effect resets when your Ward is refilled.

How to get the Lich’s Augur?

  • The Lich’s Augur unlocks on Run 2 of Glutton’s Gamble DLC. After that…
    • You can obtain the Lich’s Augur randomly as a World Drop from any suitable loot source in one of the DLCs.
    • The Wheel of Fate.
    • You can also farm Imelda the Sand Witch who is the final boss of Glutton’s Gamble as she is the dedicated loot source for the Lich’s Augur.


The Lich’s Augur spawn with 2 Shield Components. There are 18 different parts and any combination is possible. Each of these augments has an equal chance of rolling on the item.

  • ABSORB: +15% chance to Absorb bullets as Ammo.
  • ADAPTIVE: +8% Maximum Health and 17% Damage Resistance to the last damage type received for 3 seconds.
  • ADRENALINE: +23% Reload Speed while Ward is depleted.
  • AMP: While Full, shots drain 30% Ward for 20% Gun Damage.
  • BRIMMING: While full: +5% Max-Health Regen/s
  • CAPACITY: +25%/+50%/ Maximum Ward.
  • DELAY: -25% Ward Recharge Delay.
  • FLEET: +10% Movement Speed while Ward is depleted.
  • HEALTH: +10% Maximum Health.
  • NOVA: Trigger an Elemental Damage Nova on Ward Break
  • RECHARGE: +15% Ward Regeneration Rate
  • REFLECT: 15%/30% chance to Reflect bullets and arrows while Warded.
  • RESISTANT: Increases Resistance
  • ROID: +20% Melee Damage while Ward is depleted
  • SPIKE: Return xxx Damage if dealt Melee Damage while Warded.
  • TRIGGER HAPPY: +10% Fire Rare while Ward is depleted
  • TURTLE: +40% Ward Capacity, -10% Maximum Health.
  • VAGABOND: +10% Movement Speed while Ward is full.


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