Logan’s Gun

The Logan's Gun is a legendary weapon in Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel. This guide will tell you how to get the Logan's Gun and what unique special effect it has.
Legendary Pistol - Logan's Gun
Legendary Pistol - Logan's Gun

The Logan’s Gun is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. This Hyperion pistol will do normal damage to enemies if you shoot at them, however, if the projectiles of this gun hit a surface, they will detonate three times in rapid succession. Each explosion will deal the weapon’s damage on each explosion. Because of this special property, the Logan’s Gun is, counterintuitively, most effective when aiming for the ground under your enemy. It can also be used to lay down damaging walls of fire on the ground that can hit quick enemies.



Special Weapon Effects:

“Gun, Gunner!”

  • Always Incendiary.
  • Rounds explode once on contact, then continue traveling if they have not struck an inert surface (wall, ground, etc.). Once they strike an inert surface there is a small delay, followed by a small second explosion.
  • Rounds qualify as rockets for the purposes of shield absorption.

How to get the Logan’s Gun ?:

  • Borderlands 2
    • The Logan’s Gun can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Wilhelm located in End of the Line.
  • Borderlands the Pre-Sequel
    • The Logan’s Gun can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

How to Grind the Logan’s Gun ?:

You can use the Grinder in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel to create the Logan’s Gun. While there is no guaranteed recipe, you can combine 2 Legendary Weapons and 1 Purple Pistol to obtain a random legendary Pistol. Be sure to make it a luneshine grind for a “guaranteed” legendary and also get a chance of getting a luneshine buff.

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  1. halo3fan101

    I think it’s good for bouncing you across the map??that’s only thing I use it for…

  2. Steven Moncivais

    Cute gimmick with a bad premise. Found mine in a red chest within Southpaw S&P. Never have I ever found… https://t.co/Xs8IFA4SHt

  3. Nate Lockwood

    9/10! Mostly for its passive affect, teamed with an absorb shield and shoot at your feet to regain rocket ammo.

  4. Johnny Roy

    Pretty decent gun. But i don’t use it, unless i wear the Sham. 5/10.

  5. ExponentLand710

    Utility only


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