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Lucky 7

Borderlands 3 Legendary Pistol - Lucky 7
Borderlands 3 Legendary Pistol - Lucky 7

About the Lucky 7:

The Lucky 7 is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 3. This Jakobs Pistol is very on theme with the Handsome Jackpot DLC. Every time you reload you basically play a slot machine and gain specific buffs for that ammo clip. This way the Lucky 7 can be a very powerful weapon when lady luck is on your side. A fun thing with Borderlands is that, if you spec into the right skills or gear you can influence how things work and take full advantage of these boosts. By having a lot of ammo regeneration you don’t have to reload and therefore can choose your desired buffs before going into combat.



Special Weapon Effect:

“O Fortuna.”

  • Has a chance to get with 1 or multiple bonus effects after reloading.
    • Head: Projectile light up and deal critical damage.
    • Bullets: Makes the revolver full-auto.
    • Elemental: Projectiles deal elemental damage.
    • Nuke: Projectiles explode on impact and deal splash damage
    • 7: Revolver now shoots 7 Projectiles with a “7” Projectile spread.

How to get the Lucky 7?:

The Lucky 7 can be obtained as a world drop in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC, it also has a 50% chance of dropping from the Scraptrap Prime which is located in The Compactor. However, if you are badass, you can also farm the Skag of Survival on True Trials Mode for a 50% drop chance.


  • Hotfix – December 17, 2020
    • Increased the chance to get bonus effects after reloading


  • Swapping weapons removes the bonus effects
  • With an Ammo regeneration build on Moze, you don’t have to reload and keep your desired good role with a lot of bonus effects.
  • This gun can also work very well with FL4K’s “Leave No Trace” skill.


  • O Fortuna” is a medieval Latin Goliardic poem written early in the 13th century, part of the collection known as the Carmina Burana.
  • Fortuna was the goddess of fortune and the personification of luck in the Roman religion.
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