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Legendary Lyuda - Borderlands 2
Legendary Lyuda - Borderlands 2

The Lyuda is a Legendary Weapon in Borderlands 2. You can use this Vladof Sniper as an automatic rifle as it has a high fire rate and a large magazine capacity. Another cool thing about this weapon is that the bullets split into 3 after some distance. Because these additional bullets are not listed on the gun card, these bullets will benefit from the full AMP damage done by AMP shield like the Bee.


Shock, Incendiary, Corrosive, Slag, or None

Special Weapon Effects:

Man Killer

  • Shoots one projectile that splits into three projectiles after a certain time on a horizontal plane. The distance at which the bullet splits is relative to the time of the shot. Each shot comes at the cost of one sniper bullet.
  • It has a 125% base crit bonus.
  • The barrel also gives an improved weapon spread and accuracy impulse. The horizontal spread is temporarily reduced to a single point after each shot, but very rapidly returns to full width. The return to full spread width is so rapid that it is nearly impossible to use this feature except when holding down the trigger for automatic fire.

How to get the Lyuda?:

  • You can get the Lyuda randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Gettle located in The Dust.
    • Gettle is a Hyperion soldier that can be found in front of the church on Boot Hill during the optional mission The Good, The Bad, and the Mordecai.

Borderlands 2 Legendary Lyuda Location Guide


  • An unspecified patch on both PC and PS3 changed the name of the “White Death” sniper rifle to “Lyuda.” Gamers using an un-patched .sav file may still find “White Death” rifles.
  • The “Razrez” prefix of this gun only gives an extra +20% bonus to critical damage which deals less damage than a gun with a bonus base damage “Gromky” prefix.
  • The name remains “White Death” on Xbox 360, but was changed to “Lyuda” on PC and PS3.
  • All three projectiles work with Zero’s B0re skill and gain power from building Critical Ascensi0n stacks quickly, as well as dealing triple hits at close range.


  • The weapon’s original name is a reference to Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper with 505 recorded kills during the Winter War between Finland and Russia from 1939 to 1940, earning him the nickname White Death.
  • The weapon’s changed name of Lyuda refers to female Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, with 309 confirmed kills during World War II, making her one of the most successful female snipers in history. The name Lyuda is the diminutive form of the name Lyudmila.
    • In Russian localization, this name was changed to “Maxim” (Rus. Максим) to keep masculine gender in names and prefixes of items. It might be a reference to another World War II Soviet sniper – Maxim Bryskin, who had around 300 confirmed kills, orMaxim Passar, with 237 confirmed kills.
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