Borderlands 3 Legendary Atlas Pistol - Multi-tap
Borderlands 3 Legendary Atlas Pistol - Multi-tap

About the Multi-tap:

The Multi-tapis a Legendary weapon in Borderlands 3. This is an Atlas Pistol with a high fire rate. While it’s a non-elemental weapon it will shoot out a Cryo rocket towards tagged enemies when you perform a reload. This is a nice way to keep dealing damage to your opponents and Cryo is a pretty good element when generally applied.



Special Weapon Effect:

“Double the fun”

  • High fire rate.
  • Fires a Cryo rocket at tagged enemies when you reload.

How to get the Multi-tap?:

The Multi-tap is Mayhem Mode 6 or higher Legendary. You can get it from Katagawa Ball who is located in Skywell-27 on Promethea.

Drop Rate:

The Drop Rate of the Multi-Tap is 16.5%


  • Hotfix – April 29, 2021
    • Increased Weapon Damage by 175%
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