Borderlands 3 Legendary Siren Class Mod - Nimbus
Borderlands 3 Legendary Siren Class Mod - Nimbus

About the Nimbus Class Mod:

The Nimbus is a Legendary item in Borderlands 3. This Siren Class Mod basically has cloud kill and boosts its effectiveness by adding different elements into the mix and boosting the elemental effects.

Special Weapon Effect:

“It’s a terrible day for rain.”

  • Whenever Amara first damages an enemy with her Action Skill, she creates a damaging cloud of her Action Skill Element at that location.

How to get the Nimbus?:

The Nimbus can be obtained during the Trial of Supremacy in the Hall Obsidian, it has a high chance of dropping from Sera of Supremacy .

Bonus Skills:

  • Conflux
    • Whenever Amara inflicts a status effect on an enemy, there is a chance that the enemy is also burned, electrocuted, or corroded.
  • Tempest
    • This skill increases all elemental damage dealt by Amara. Shock damage is increased further.
  • Violent Tapestry
    • This skill allows Amara to gain stacks of Rush when inflicting status effects. Activating her Action Skill consumes all Rush stacks, and her chance of inflicting status effects is increased for every stack consumed for a short time.

Amara Build


  • The flavor text is a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. In one scene, Colonel Roy Mustang covers his face and, as he begins to cry, says “I’m fine. Except, it’s a terrible day for rain.”


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